Jerusalem 5.2.2013
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 13:27:03 +0100

A Palestinian child reacts after coming back from school to find his house destroyed by the Israeli occupation forces, east of Jerusalem, today .
All his books, toys, memories ... Everything he had represented a threat for "Israel's security" !
That look ...Can you imagine how much rage he carries in his heart now ?!
Israel demolishes house in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem, Feb. 5
A Palestinian child reacts moments after coming from school and realizing that his family house has been demolished by the municipality in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. The municipality says the building was constructed without proper permits and that its structure was not sound. The 33-member family says it was waiting to receive permits.
Bernat Armangue / AP



Israel demolishes house in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem, Feb. 5

Israeli forces demolished a two-story Palestinian home in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, making 30 people homeless, official news agency Wafa reported.

Four families lived in the Beit Hanina home, which was constructed six years ago. The families had hired a lawyer to prevent the demolition.

Ibrahim al- Kiswani told WAFA that Israeli bulldozers, protected by Israeli police, entered the area at dawn, surrounded the house and gave the family of six members 10 minutes to evacuate the house before demolishing it over its contents.

Kiswani said he had paid more than $160,000 trying to obtain a permit for his 170-square-meter home, which houses him, his wife and his four children, whose ages fall between 8 to 12.

Kiswani’s 10-year-old child said, “I am very sad because the Israeli forces destroyed our home where we grew up without giving us a chance to get out our stuff, clothes and computer, which we used for fun and school.”

"We are refugees now, we don't have any shelter. Where should we, our children and elderly people go after our house was demolished?" Muhammad Castero, 52, a resident of the building said.

Last week, Israeli forces delivered demolition notices to 200 Palestinian families in Fuheidat neighborhood east of Anata village in northeast Jerusalem, residents said.

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